About me

I’m Lisbeth Belisario. I graduated from Universidad de Carabobo many years ago. I started working as an English teacher in Valencia where I taught pre-school students for only one year. Then, I made a big move. I went to Caracas where I found many opportunities to work and it changed my lifestyle as a result. I worked at elementary and high schools for many years. Currently, I am working at Universidad Experimental Nacional Marítima del Caribe as a full time teacher. To me, being a teacher is the most absorbing job, but that gives  me a lot of rewarding moments. I consider myself  an advocating teacher and that is why I am trying to take advantages of all resources that could somehow help me improve the way I teach in the classroom settings. Recently, I started my postgrade studies at Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador, Instituto Pedagógico de Caracas in Teaching English as a Foreign Language which has been providing me with enough ideas to take into the classrooms as well as reinforcing  my previous knowledge. As extra activities, I like reading books about self-realization, riding a bike, running and doing yoga.


Nature by Lisbeth Belisario

 Nature (by Lisbeth Belisario, 2011)

          Certain is that nature is the most wonderful and superior mind that prevails intact along with the years. Why have human beings learned so much from nature? Why is it that a plane flies? Are men so wise that created a flying object from nothing? Look at the sky and observe carefully where the idea came from. Take some time and look at the ants. What marvelous insects so perfectly organized! None of them is out of the line, every single movement is synchronized. If one is left out, for sure, an ant is coming back to see what is going on. Have you noticed their job? Then, go to a factory and appreciate the ants’ job. If you still have a doubt about organization, see the bees! Where does the idea to build apartments come from?

     Nets are used by men to catch fish. Have you thought about the relation between spiders and nets? Have a look at it. Well-woven a spider’s net is and so useful for men, no doubt, it is. How intelligent men are, aren’t they? Indeed, they are. Nature has done the job. What a creation we are! Every single organ functions perfectly, each simple movement of the body is controlled by the brain. Nothing happens inside the human body without the brain’s information. And voila! Man, that wonderful creature, has dared to copy it! Certain is that nature is the most wonderful and superior mind that prevails intact along with the years!